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A Nike Swoosh Skills Mini Hanging Basketball Planter

A Nike Swoosh Skills Mini Hanging Basketball Planter

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Elevate your home decor game with our handmade Nike basketball planter. This unique piece features a built-in 5 inch pot, perfect for showcasing plants 4" and under. With a 22" size and multi-color design, it adds a touch of athleticism to any space. Keep your plants healthy by using a separate nursery pot for watering. #plantedsoul approved!

(see below for more details)

Size of Basketball: Sz 3 - 22"

Color: Multi-color

Plant not included.

Recommended care

We recommend using a plant with its own nursery pot to place inside the existing basketball pot. This will work best so you can take the plant out of the basketball to water since there is no drainage hole. Make sure that the water has drained before placing the plant back into the basketball planter.

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